‚ÄčLaura Nay Interiors

Based in Metro Atlanta, I love bringing a fresh perspective to the interior design community with a love of antiques, the newest trends and a creative outlook on how to stay within my client's budget. Growing up in the South, I have a penchant for vintage crystal, silver, wallpaper and antique rugs. However, my love of art and fashion drives me to constantly find new and fresh trends to incorporate into every space. My passion for traveling leads me to all parts of the world bringing back new inspiration and unique pieces with every trip. Blending all of these things together leads to a truly unique and personalized aesthetic.  

My hope for every client, is that I can make their house feel like a home of their very own. I truly listen to the client and try to hone in on their personal style and preferences. Including sentimental heirlooms or a client's favorite sofa is something I always hope to do. It's these little things that make a space feel personalized and comfortable. 

My creativity truly shines when it comes to the "B" word - "budget". The budget is usually the piece of the puzzle that can keep people from truly finishing a project or attaining their design dreams. My job is to make everyone's dream a reality by coming up with creative solutions and alternative methods to get the job done right. 

To shop my latest antique and unique finds, visit the Interiors Market in Atlanta located at 55 Bennett St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30309. Just go in and ask to see the Laura Nay Interiors Space! 

So, let's get started! Let's make your dream home become a REALITY! Contact me today to see how I can be of service to you! Call or text (770) 402-7409